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  • Aptitude Test
    Updated On: Oct 18, 2022

    You will be scheduled for an aptitude test and notified via email.

    If you miss your aptitude test for any reason, you will have to reapply.

    Aptitude tests are normally twice a year (December/January & June)

    You will be tested on Algebra and Reading.

    You will be notified of your score via email.

    This test can only be taken once within six months for all IBEW/NECA related programs.

    Applicants with bona fide Electrical Construction training and work experience may qualify for an interview solely by providing documented evidence verifying a minimum of four thousand (4000) hours in the electrical trade. This means that you will still have to sit for the aptitude test, but you will not have to pass in order to move on to the interview portion of the application process.